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About EANI Consulting Inc

Learn all about EANI Consulting Inc and the man behind the company. We look forward to meeting and working with your growing enterprise.

Our History

Founder, chairman, and CEO — Edward A. Nelson Jr. — created EANI in 2002 when he noted Europe's new focus on SMEs. "European countries were already focusing more attention on what they called internationalization, innovation, and collaborative entrepreneurialism," he said.

"The reason is clear. Smaller and entrepreneurial businesses are the backbone of our communities. If you don't have a healthy backbone, you are not going to stand so tall."

EANI represents the culmination of more than 46 years of experience in bringing corporate and governmental partners together to promote economic, community, and business development.

Our Chairman & CEO

Edward A. Nelson Jr. began his professional career as an electrical engineer for IBM. He followed this by joining a business investment group, where we quickly realized his passion for the profession. This prompted him to return to school in Atlanta to pursue his Master's degree in business. Throughout this degree, Mr. Nelson molded his education to focus on business development, learning how businesses grow, and learning what makes business people tick. He was fortunate enough to be hired at Georgia Tech while completing his Master's degree. Additionally, he worked as a student counselor in industrial development.

Upon graduation, Mr. Nelson started work as a research scientist of development at Georgia Tech. In 1975, he left that position to start his own firm. After successfully clearing many professional hurdles, he created a company with 55 employees in four states — in only three years! This company was known for helping companies expand and build communities and economies.

As his career progressed, his name became synonymous with economic development. He's served as a chamber president and has headed many development projects in Georgia. Eventually, he decided to form his own private practice in 2002, and thus, EANI Consulting Inc was born. In 2014, he was awarded one of the top accolades available in the industry for his work on major projects in Atlanta, Europe, the Caribbean, and the world. He is passionate about helping small companies grow using economic development to expand communities, build investments, and create jobs.